Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hello Out there

"The Creator"I thought I would check in and see whats cooking? I haven't been here for a looong time, but I may think about getting back at it, now that my brain knows more about web pages. i belong to the Canadian Federation of University Women, here in Nelson, and have been looking after their web page. Thus I haven't disappeared off the planet, just moved over , so to speak.Now that I am retired ( for 2 years now) ,I may have time for a blog post or two. What do you think?
The determining factor will be if blogger has improved the photo uploading. I will try it out immediately.
Here are some pics of Patricia's retirement party last night at Kolmel's. It was lovely to visit with my old colleagues .

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Casablanca lilies and others from my garden

"The Creator"

given up

Yes, it looks like I have given up on my blog... Seems that Facebook is readily available and an easy way to connect with people and it seems that I am there more often than here. I will give this another few months ,then close it down for good... Maybe I just needed a rest from it. Here I am retired and seeming to be running out of time every day...time for my computer and time to play... Then again it is a hot lovely summer that has kept us busy with the girls here and my retirement party and other lovely visitors...so times have been busy.
Today is Sunday and Emil and I will go up to the driving range so I can practice some more with my new Calaway golf clubs... they are fabulous, but I have to learn how to use them properly. I am looking forward to some pain free golf.
okey dokey have a good weekend, a good week and maybe even a good month. Don't be too hard on yourself and enjoy life!

"The Creator"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spring flowers

Slater creek...full, but not overflowing!

Home again after almost three weeks away in Victoria  house/dog/grandkid/ sitting and keeping the household running while Sonia was away to New Brunswick with her new man Mike. She also got a chance to go see her sister annette ,in Halifax...which was a big thrill to both sisters!
I arrived home to find, that unlike sunny Victoria, the Kootenays have been suffering through many many days of wet soggy rain. I could twll when I looked at my flowers in my big pots...many had gone moldy, where as I expected mounds of fresh blooms by the time I arrived home. My tomatoe plants  are purple with cold and all in all much of my garden never grew from the seeds I planted before I left. Oh well, we can have late garden, so I will reseed some things like my beans.

Also, the lake has risen higher than normal ,giving everyone a big scare that lives along the lakeside.
Lucky for all concerned, the lake is going down...yea!
here are some shots od my flowers and the lake shore below my garen...


 Looking east...

 A gorgeous white Clematis I bought from Lynn Bagnal when she was here... so beautiful  and blooming better than ever before!


 My beautiful Sarah Bernhart Peonies...at their end...

 That stick in the middle right of the lake is our dock!

LOOKING WEST  see...no sand burram as usual... just trees submerged on Dave's property

"The Creator"
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Franklin

Stopping for a break after planting the Franklin... It is  tree that will grow about 35 feet tall and it has shiny green leaves and white blossoms that start in the summer and bloom into the fall, when the foliage turns bright red. We thought it would make a nice addition to the acreage...Besides that, two other trees have parished in the same location so we hope this one doesn't meet the same fate.

It has been quite some time since I blogged...mainly because I use Facebook quite a lot and the last few times I was having difficulting uploading photos to my blog.
After this last hiatus, I see that the photo option is working again...good! Maybe I will be inspired once again. 

The day is beautiful today so I am back outside. Emil tilled up the remainder of my garden yesterday and that is a huge relief.. I will be able to get it planted before I go to Victoria at he beginning of June.
The time is going by quickly...and will be here before I know it.

 Here it is with the bark mulch all around...pretty naked eh!!

You might be able to glimpse one of the teeny tiny buds... looks like it needs some serious heat!

 This is near Chewelah, where the creek was flooding into the farm lands.

 This was on our way to Spokane on Tuesday..

On our way home, the water had receded quite a bit and was off the main drag through Chewelah.

"The Creator"
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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy 39th Annette!

Hard to believe that she turns 39 today!  Looking mighty beautiful in those high stepping new shoes darling!
Thought I would put a little note on my blog  just because we love you!
It was so nice to get a visit in with Annette while we were down in Victoria. She has been having a great time with the girls and Sonia. tonight they are all going out for a birthday dinner... I would love to be there to celebrate...but have to settle for being here, since we were just there! Have a great day...and just think... It is Lynn and Bob's 39th anniversary tomorrow... the one wedding I wanted to go to and had the dress and the plans... but look what happened instead... I had Annette...the cutest little baby ...now all grown up! Worth missing the wedding for. The whole bridal party came up to the hospital to see me ...so nice... I think I cried!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

"The Creator"
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